Frequently Asked Questions

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What does SkillUp Washington do?

SkillUp Washington connects low-income individuals with living-wage jobs and works to close the skills gap in Washington state through collaborative partnerships and innovative funding programs.


What is SkillUp Washington’s mission and vision?

The mission of SkillUp Washington is to increase career opportunities for low-income adults in Washington state, ages 18 and older. Through public and private partnerships, SkillUp Washington works to impact practices, polices and investments to prepare adults for a job in a high-demand career field.

Through these partnerships, SkillUp Washington makes sure that every adult in Washington state has the skills necessary to earn a living-wage job and career.


Why are SkillUp Washington’s initiatives focused only in certain industries?

We partner with community colleges, business, philanthropy, and the public sector to align workforce training programs with industry needs and provide the training necessary for adults to earn a living-wage job.

We focus on job training in manufacturing, transportation, health care, construction, business and technology because these are the highest growing sectors in Washington state and provide the greatest opportunities for individuals to earn a living-wage career.


Why is SkillUp Washington needed in the community?

The workforce training system is largely fragmented and under-funded.  Efforts to integrate funding, streamline activities, increase collaboration, and strengthen policies and practices are greatly needed. At the same time, the local workforce system is at an exciting juncture: cross-system workforce and post-secondary partners are striving to develop high demand career pathways, on-ramps to college, and authentic and timely relationships with local employers.  Quality jobs are a priority for policymakers, college, and workforce staff.

SkillUp Washington is helping workforce and post-secondary partners improve their capacity to collaborate and learn how to leverage each other’s resources to create a more effective, efficient, and integrated workforce training system.


How do I partner with SkillUp Washington?

SkillUp Washington is always looking for new partners to create collaborative and impactful opportunities for businesses and people in Washington state. If you are interested in partnering with us, or learning more about our unique partnerships, please contact


I’m interested in funding SkillUp Washington’s work, what do I do now?

We are always open to new funders to help grow our work and create new workforce opportunities for employers and low-income adults. Please contact us at and we would be happy to talk with you about funding opportunities.


Do you evaluate the programs and initiatives you fund? If so, how?

Yes. We believe that evaluating the impact of our investments is critical in helping understand how to best scale and create living-wage career opportunities for low-income adults in Washington state. Information about the success, or lack of success, allows us to learn and be as strategic as possible with our investments.


Do you provide the job training programs?

No. However, we partner with many organizations which provide workforce training programs. Click here for information about how to contact these programs.