SkillUp in the News: Seattle Foundation’s Heart & Science Magazine

The Seattle Foundation featured SkillUp’s innovative work on healthcare apprenticeships in the Summer 2017 issue of their publication Heart & Science.

Writing about the work, Afrose Ahmed, describes the new career path in an industry not traditionally associated with apprenticeships:

The idea of an apprenticeship conjures up archaic images of a medieval blacksmith learning a trade and carrying on an age old tradition of craftsmanship.

But apprenticeships are being reinvented for today’s employers and workforce. SkillUp Washington, a workforce funders collaborative created by Seattle Foundation in 2007, is helping reignite the practice of apprenticeship in career paths not historically associated with the practice, including healthcare.

Already, this work is directly improving the lives of participants, as Annali Solorio can attest:

“They promoted me, they gave me a raise and they changed my title. And now I can do vaccines and give medications.”

“Economic Opportunity: Innovative healthcare apprenticeships pave the way to new careers and opportunities” appears on pages 16-21, accompanied by an infographic showing the important role the healthcare industry plays in King County.
Heart & Science, Summer 2017

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