Generation Work Young Adult Interviews

SkillUp Washington was a awarded a one-year Generation Work planning grant from the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Generation Work is a multi-site, national initiative focused on connecting young adults, ages 18-29, to good jobs and career pathways. To initiate this practice and approach, during the 2016 planning year, thirty-two young adults were interviewed by SkillUp Washington. The interviews conducted garner recommendations of young adults for the type of training and support needed to connect them to jobs offering a decent wage and potential for growth. [Full Resource “Generation Work Young Adult Interviews”]

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Author: Business Government Community Connections, Graphis Design by Noise Without Sound and Photography by Ryan CastoldiPublished: March 2017

SeaTac Airport Company Survey

In order to meet the diverse needs of airport employers, Port Jobs engages employers, posts jobs, facilitates hiring events, and provides job seekers and incumbent workers with assistance to pursue and advance in jobs. Ongoing surveys of employers ensure that the services provided at Airport Jobs are current and well-informed.

Port Jobs also ensures that community and technical colleges, K-12 and other partners, including those working as part of the multi-year Annie E. Casey Foundation-funded Generation Work initiative, are aware of career pathway opportunities in the airport. [Full Resource “SeaTac Airport Company Survey”]

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Author: Port Jobs and Business Government Community ConnectionsPublished: March 2017

Port Jobs Alaska Airlines-Airport University Scholarships

In 2014, Alaska Airlines made a generous investment in Port Jobs’ Airport University program, and established a scholarship fund open to all airport workers, regardless of employer.  This scholarship program is now in its second year, and more than $100,000 has been distributed to help airport workers
pursue studies ranging from Aviation Maintenance Technology to Mechanical Engineering. [Full Resource “Port Jobs Alaska Airlines-Airport University Scholarships”]

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Author: Port Jobs and Business Government Community ConnectionsPublished: March 2017

Moving Apprenticeship Into Manufacturing’s Future

In Milwaukee, the Wisconsin Regional Training Partnership (WRTP)/BIG STEP has spearheaded the creation of a new registered apprenticeship in response to these dynamic forces. Industrial Manufacturing Technicians (IMT) are now working and being trained at firms across the upper Midwest. The success of this apprenticeship derives directly from the WRTP/BIG STEP’s long-standing and deep relationships with manufacturing firms and labor unions built over the course of two decades. [Full Resource “Moving Apprenticeship Into Manufacturing’s Future”]

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Author: Rhandi Berth, Laura Dresser, and Emanuel UbertPublished: February 2017

Manufacturing Employer Survey

MAPP partners have taken many bold and innovative actions to align their resources, and increase their understanding of where and how the manufacturing career pathway could be strengthened to meet the current and emerging needs of employers. As part of their next step capacity building efforts the MAPP partners decided to survey a subgroup of employers whom they felt could provide more in depth information.
[Full Resource “Manufacturing Employer Survey”]

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Author: Business Government Community Connections, Pacific Associates and SkillUp WashingtonPublished: May 2016

Workforce Opportunity System: The Pivotal Role of the Industry Partnership Navigator

In 2014 SkillUp Washington began working with the Seattle Housing Authority (SHA), Seattle College District (SCD) and Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County (WDC) to explore ways to strategically support the Workforce Opportunities System (WOS). To address this need, SkillUp dedicated a portion of their Social Innovation Fund (SIF) grant to SCD for an Industry Partnership Navigator.
[Full Resource “Workforce Opportunity System: The Pivotal Role of the Industry Partnership Navigator”]

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Author: Annie Laurie Armstrong (Business Government Community Connections) and SkillUp WashingtonPublished: May 2016

IBEST CNC Machinist Certificate Program

When SkillUp Washington, a workforce funding collaborative, received a three year grant from the Boeing Company in 2012 to support the implementation of the Manufacturing Advancement Pathways Project (MAPP) at four community and technical colleges in the Puget Sound region all MAPP partners were excited. They regarded this grant as an opportunity to increase the capacity of their manufacturing programs, and engage in discussions about how to better align, coordinate and combine resources. [Full Resource “IBEST CNC Machinist Certificate Program”]

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Author: Business Government Community Connections and SKillUp WashingtonPublished: May 2016

From Home Care Aide to Nurse: Feasibility Study

When it comes to caring for our aging population, the numbers are clear: We have a crisis on our hands.
A significant part of the solution to this crisis is creating a strong, vibrant and enduring Home Care Aide (HCA) workforce. Attracting people to the profession requires establishing home care as a desired career. There are several ways to do this — by building strong wages, addressing on-the-job injuries, offering good health and retirement benefits, and establishing training standards. But an important piece to building a strong HCA workforce is to offer a pathway to those who might be interested in a career in health care that goes beyond home care. [Full Resource “From Home Care Aide to Nurse: Feasibility Study”]

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Author: SEIU 775 Benefits Group and SkillUp WashingtonPublished: March 2016

Apprenticeship That Works

Workforce development professionals are starting to embrace apprenticeship because it epitomizes the “gold standard” in the field: employer-led training for real jobs, family-supporting wages, earn-while-you- learn opportunities, and in many locations, concomitant college credit. A set of Foundations joined with the Aspen Institute, Workforce Matters, and the US Department of Labor to discuss the role of philanthropy in supporting the sustained growth of apprenticeships in the United States. This meeting concluded that apprenticeship, despite its longstanding practice, remains an embryonic field and that an ‘eco-system’ was needed to promote and grow the apprenticeship field. [Full Resource “Apprenticeship That Works”]

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Author: Susan Crane and John ColbornPublished: October 2015

Guide and Tools for Navigators

SkillUp Washington has funded Navigators through the College for Working Adults and Skill Link projects since 2009. We have reviewed our student assessment and performance data, college faculty, student and employer interviews and other evaluation materials to develop the materials presented in this guide. This extensive review revealed
the pivotal role that Navigators play in supporting the college and career access of students engaged in career sector pathways.
[Full Resource “Guide and Tools for Navigators”]

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Author: Business Government Community Connections and SkillUp WashingtonPublished: August 2015