9 Jobs in WA to Consider in 2024

If you’re considering a move to Washington State, you might want to find out which jobs may be in demand during 2024. According to Rocket Homes, Washington is ranked among the U.S.’ best places to live. Its northwest location makes it an ideal spot for those who love the beauty of its forests. Here are some jobs projected to be good prospects for those living in Washington state:

1. Become a Doctor – Helping People Heal

Joining the ranks of medical doctors is not unique to Washington State, but the medical profession has a promising future in the Evergreen State. According to Seattle Medium, Washington is ranked seventh among the states for its overall health. Washington State has three medical schools: the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle, Washington State University Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine in Spokane, and Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine in Yakima. You may be interested to note that, according to Shem Massian Consulting, the University of Washington School of Medicine is ranked 9th in the nation among medical schools.

To make medicine your career, you must first graduate from a four-year college. After receiving your bachelor’s degree, you’ll attend medical school for four years. Your clinical experiences will begin in your final years of medical school. To find your medical specialty, you’ll work as a medical resident for 3 to 7 years and gain experience.

One of the emerging specialties in medicine for 2024 will be doctors who help clients seeking hormone replacement therapy. Women approaching menopause experience uncomfortable side effects and may turn to gynecologists or endocrinologists for the prescription of female sex hormones. Men who are aging and have decreased testosterone levels can receive testosterone replacement.

2. Become a Scientist – Determining the Facts

Many fields of science can provide a future for a worker willing to use their scientific aptitude to work in one of its many fields. In Washington, oceanography is an especially relevant field due to its nearness to the Pacific Ocean. Ichthyology (the study of fish) is also a relevant field, for the same reason.

Washington’s many forests make botany a profitable field. Not only are Washington’s trees a consumable resource, but botanists are equally responsible for increasing the longevity of the state’s trees. Another prominent industry in the state is aeronautics. According to the Washington State Commerce Department, the state is one of the nation’s leading aircraft and aerial systems makers, so trained aerospace scientists would be welcome.

One of the newer fields emerging for scientists is temperature test chambers. These devices are created to produce specific temperature and atmospheric conditions that duplicate the conditions at which certain products would be used. For example, a tool or instrument meant to be used in extreme heat or cold could be pretested to be sure it will be effective.

3. Become a Lawyer – Advocate for Your Clients

Every state needs lawyers of all types, and Washington State is no exception. According to Avvo, there are over 35,000 lawyers currently practicing in Washington State. A lawyer is entrusted with helping their clients participate in court cases. A career in law requires you to get a bachelor’s degree and then graduate from law school.

Lawyers can work in solo practices or with a team that practices a variety of types of law. For example, estate planning is a field for attorneys who help clients to plan for the distribution of their final assets. Estate planning lawyers sometimes work with financial planners to provide their clients a full range of services. Estate lawyers are responsible for assisting their clients to compose a will.

After a person passes away, there are sometimes difficulties in executing (enacting) that person’s will. To assist family members or executors of the deceased, a probate attorney can be asked to help. A Medicaid attorney would assist if a client has applied for Medicaid but has been rejected. Medicaid is a type of medical insurance for low-income people, and it is sometimes difficult to navigate the necessary paperwork.

4. Become an Elder Advocate – Honoring the Elderly

According to the Office of Financial Management of the State of Washington, as of 2022, over 17% of the residents of that state were over age 65. Elder attorneys specialize in legal problems that are relevant to elderly people. According to Zippia, there are currently 4331 elder advocates throughout the United States.

To pursue a career as an elder law attorney, you would deal with many of the same issues handled by estate planners. Medicare and Social Security issues are often of concern to senior citizens. They may also be trying to negotiate the costs of long-term care facilities for themselves or for their spouse. Mental competence is often a factor, so many elder advocates must draft powers of attorney for their clients.

Wherever there is a large percentage of elderly residents, an elder law service company will likely be located. According to Washington’s Office of Financial Management, the county with the most significant percentage of elderly residents was Jefferson County. Over 40% of that county’s residents were over 65 in 2022. Elder advocates’ offices will have attorneys, but they often include social workers – and may include a health care professional.

5. Become a Restaurant Owner – Feeding Your Clients

If you enjoy cooking and are willing to provide food for many people, you may become a restaurant owner. There are restaurants of many sizes, styles, and ethnicities. Some families open a restaurant and make food that reflects their culture or their family’s food traditions. Other people learn about franchises available and buy a local branch of an existing restaurant.

To make a career of owning a restaurant, you need money, cooking talent, and a good location. However, it takes more than a desire to share your food with others to succeed as a restaurateur. You will need to understand how to manage the cooking of the food and the flow of customers as they come to the restaurant. It may be helpful for prospective restaurant owners to gain experience by working in a restaurant like the one you plan to open.

The sizes and types of restaurants you may decide to open are infinite. You may decide to open an exclusive luxury restaurant that caters to affluent clients, or to buy a franchise of your favorite fast-food company. If you enjoy the sport of bowling, you might decide to open a bowling alley restaurant – like the one at the Garage Bowling Alley near Seattle. The State of Washington is home to many unique restaurants, such as the Lost Roo in Long Beach, where you can savor foods made on the grill and enjoy the amusing décor that the Land Down Under inspires.

6. Become a Teacher – Educating Every Child

Teaching is another profession needed in every state of the U.S. Teachers provide educational guidance for people of all ages, including adults. To become a teacher, you need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Once you graduate, each state requires a teacher’s certificate. Some types of teachers (special education teachers and college professors) will need additional education to do their jobs.

If you choose teaching as your career, you can teach in a public, private, or charter school. Charter schools provide education in many different settings, including homes. An increase in the popularity of homeschooling is responsible for creating online companies that help provide curricula and guidance for parents who want to provide a home school for their children. During the pandemic, when parents were forced to educate their children at home, some of those parents discovered the benefits of homeschooling and have continued to homeschool their children.

Private schools are sometimes preferred by patients who don’t want their children to endure the overcrowded conditions of their areas’ public schools. Some parents choose private schools because they want their children to have a religious education. Teachers who enjoy working with young children may get a job at a preschool. If the teacher has experience and wants to teach a religious curriculum, they might decide to work at a local private preschool.

7. Become a Web Designer – Tapping Online Resources

According to the Hyogo Business and Cultural Center, Washington (especially the Seattle area) is one of the nation’s leading sources of technological advances. It stands to reason, therefore, that Washington state is a good destination for those who want to have a career in technology. While these careers can be found in many industries and encompass many job titles, one of the emerging careers in this field is that of web designer.

A web designer is responsible for designing how a website looks when posted online. An effective website is an essential asset for any company that wants to increase its size and revenue. Companies that don’t have technological expertise – or prefer to spend their time and personnel resources on other pursuits – will often hire a web designer to create their website. To become a web designer, you need extensive technological knowledge, creative talent, and marketing experience to know what a good website looks like.

To be a web designer, the most essential skills to develop are those related to coding and website design. In addition, you will need to build time management and good communication skills and become familiar with the software used to create web designs. Although a college degree is not required to become a website designer, many companies will prefer or need you to have one. There are also online certification courses that can help you to learn website design.

8. Become a Medical Assistant – Caring for their Clients

Medical assistants provide many services to medical clients in clinics, doctor’s offices, and other healthcare facilities. Medical assistants are the workers at a clinic who will lead you to your examination room, take your vital signs, and ask about your symptoms. Some medical students are trained to test your blood sugar, weigh you, draw your blood, and take EKGs and X-rays. The medical assistant can’t give the client any medical advice, but the information they gather is essential for the doctor who will see you.

There are medical assistants (MA’s) who work at the front desk of a medical office and answer the phones. Other MA’s will update client files or perform coding functions. If you enjoy working with people and have good language and communication skills, being a medical assistant may be a promising career. These skills can be applied in many settings, and therefore, it is a job that could lead to a multitude of future career advances.

To become a medical assistant, most employers look for someone who has completed a certification course. Some employers prefer someone who has an associate degree, which includes medical assistant training. There are many schools in Washington State where you can obtain an MA certification. You can do many of the courses online and complete the clinical training at a designated training site.

9. Become a Forestry Worker – Gathering Resources from Trees

One of Washington’s many resources is its beautiful forests. According to the Washington Forest Protection Institute, the Lower Forest Region (from the coast to the Cascade Mountains) has the most trees in the state’s forests. Forestry workers are responsible for cutting down trees and clearing stumps. Forestry workers often work in teams and clear large land areas for construction projects.

To become a forestry worker, you’ll need a high school diploma, a driver’s license, and the ability to pass a background check and drug screen. Forestry is a job that requires physical stamina and the ability to work in all types of weather. Some companies prefer an associate degree and experience working with a previous forestry group. Forestry workers can obtain certification from the National Arborist Association.

People considering a career move to Washington state come from many ethnic backgrounds. Although there are places in the state, like Seattle, where those seeking an urban can call home, many wooded areas are nearby. You’ll enjoy hiking, fishing, and taking in the fantastic views of the state. Choose one of the above jobs or forge your path – but join the many who have made the Evergreen state their home.

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