Which Business Signs Are Right for Your Company?

Every business with a physical location, whether in an office complex or shopping center, needs a business sign. What kind of sign you choose depends on your location. As this video explains, business signs come in numerous materials, including wood, aluminum, steel, and acrylic.

Typically, a business places a wood, aluminum, or steel sign on the exterior of its building.

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Acrylic signs offer a sleek choice for signage inside a business or at its entry doors in an office building.

Instead of trying to design the sign text yourself, consult with a graphic designer at the sign company with which you do business. Provide the text you need on the sign to the designer and let them guide the design process. You’ll need to choose fonts from the options they provide you and provide the designer with a high-resolution graphics file of your business’ logo.

Ask about discounts if you purchase multiple signs. Some sign companies offer a discount if a client orders an exterior sign and interior signage, too.

Listen to the designer’s advice on sign colors. They’ll advise you on which colors people can most easily see from the street and steer you away from red or green since colorblind individuals cannot read those colors.

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