How to Keep Your Porta Potty Clean

It’s essential to keep your portable restroom rentals clean to comply with regulations, keep customers happy, and maintain hygiene. The YouTube video explores ten portable restroom tips, including how to keep your toilets clean and smelling fresh. This article provides a few key points on the topic.

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Start by incorporating a regular cleaning schedule. For example, when you receive units back from an event, clean them as soon as they arrive. In addition, if units are at a location for an extended period, it’s crucial to service them frequently. The frequency will depend on the traffic. High-volume traffic areas may require daily cleaning.

Only use approved cleaning products designed specifically for portable toilets. Clear the waste tanks frequently to prevent odor buildup and overflow. In addition, clean surfaces inside the unit often, such as the toilet seat, handles, floor, walls, and other surfaces. Furthermore, check the supplies and stock them up regularly.

Address odors by using odor-control products. Check your units for damage, such as leaks, faulty locks, or poor ventilation, and repair the damage. Lastly, document your cleaning schedule and any repairs you do, as it keeps you compliant with regulations.

The primary goal is to draw up and maintain a cleaning schedule for your units. This schedule helps keep your units clean and your business compliant. The key is to be proactive.


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