How to Create an Office that Retains Top Talent

It’s no secret that top talent is hard to come by and even harder to keep. According to a study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, it costs six times more to replace an employee earning less than $30,000 than it does to retain one. For employees making $75,000 or more, the cost of replacement skyrockets to nearly 20 times the retention cost.

Several factors contribute to high turnover rates, but one of the most significant is poor office design. Cubicle farms are soul-sucking places that breed discontentment and dissatisfaction. To create an office that retains top talent, you must design a space that fosters creativity, collaboration, and productivity. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Encourage collaboration with open spaces and common areas.

You don’t need to eliminate all your office’s walls to encourage collaboration, but you should create more open spaces and common areas where employees can gather to brainstorm and socialize. These areas should be comfortable and inviting, with plenty of natural light, comfortable furniture, and ample space to move around.

Some offices also offer standing desks and other alternative workspaces to encourage employees to move around and get out of their seats during the day. These allow them to change their posture and get their blood flowing, which can improve focus and productivity. When employees feel free to move around and work in different ways, they’re more likely to enjoy coming into the office.

2. Ensure a healthy office environment.

The quality of the air you breathe and the water you drink can significantly impact your health and well-being. That’s why it’s essential to ensure your office has an ultrafiltration water system¬†and air purifiers to remove harmful toxins and pollutants from the air. These will improve the quality of the air you breathe and help you stay healthy when drinking water, which is essential for maintaining a high level of productivity.

It would be best if you also encouraged employees to take advantage of natural light by opening up windows and using desks and chairs that allow them to adjust their position to get the best possible light exposure. You want them to feel comfortable in their environment to focus on their work.

Modern office interior with big windows

3. Make sure employees have access to the resources they need.

When employees feel they have the resources to do their job well, they’re more likely to be satisfied with their work. That means having enough desk space, storage space, and equipment to do their jobs. It also means having access to the latest technology and software so they can work efficiently.

If your employees feel like they’re constantly tripping over each other or battling for resources, they will not be happy. Make sure everyone has what they need to do their job well, and you’ll see a marked improvement in morale. You can ask employees what they need to do their job better and use that feedback to make changes to the office design.

4. Promote health and wellness with on-site amenities.

Many offices now offer on-site amenities like gyms, yoga studios, and wellness programs to promote health and wellness among employees. These are great perks that can help employees stay healthy and fit, both physically and mentally. Employees who feel like their employer is invested in their health and well-being are more likely to be loyal and committed to the company.

You can also promote health and wellness by providing healthy food options in the office, such as a fridge stocked with snacks and drinks or a lunch room with a kitchen where employees can prepare their meals. If your employees have access to healthy food and exercise, they’re less likely to get sick and take time off work.

5. Promote creativity with inspiring artwork and bright colors.

The way your office looks can have a significant impact on employee morale. If it’s drab and dreary, employees will feel uninspired and unmotivated. But if it’s bright and colorful, they will feel more creative and productive. Different colors can also promote different emotions, so choose wisely.

Artwork is also a great way to promote creativity. Hang inspiring artwork on the walls or place sculptures and plants around the office to give employees something to look at that will spark their creativity. When employees feel like their environment is stimulating and inspiring, they’re more likely to be productive.

If you want to create an office that retains top talent, you need to focus on creating a comfortable, healthy, and inspiring space. Employees need to feel like they have the resources they need to do their job well and feel like their employer is invested in their health and well-being. Promote creativity with inspiring artwork and bright colors, and you’ll see a marked improvement in employee morale.

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