Turn It Green: How Plants Improve Customer Experience

More and more commercial properties are going green. You’ll notice it in the landscaping in malls, potted flowers in retail stores, and leafy backdrops in restaurants. Everybody’s investing in plants.

It’s most likely a calculated move by business owners. Many stores attest to the improved foot traffic that plants bring. With the many ways you can incorporate natural elements into your space, it can also be a cheap alternative for improvements.

If you haven’t joined the bandwagon of green-loving retailers yet, here are three reasons to do so:

Visual Appeal

Most people take pictures when they go out to socialize. Often, it’s not anymore the products or the service they look up. What they want to see is the ambiance and aesthetic of your store. Where there’s an Instagram-worthy corner of succulents and flowers, there you’ll find people taking selfies.

Consumers in places like Salt Lake City might also find it more appealing to socialize where they get a respite in nature. The natural elements you incorporate are so contrast to the steel and pavement of the city. It’s like a breath of fresh air from their everyday urban reality.

While plants are easy to use as decoration, hiring commercial landscaping services in Ogden can give you a competitive edge. Professionals are better able to enhance your store’s visual appeal to those who love taking photos, and those who simply love nature.

Biophilic Instinct

plant closeup

You might be asking yourself why plants are so pleasing to look at.

Edward O. Wilson, naturalist and author of Biophilia, explains it in his book. He suggests humans have a subconscious longing to affiliate with nature and that it’s rooted in our biology.

Researchers have shown that exposure to nature reduced anxiety, anger, fatigue, and other negative emotions by a significant percentage. With more studies popping up each year about the health benefits of plants, it’s reasonable that consumer behavior has changed in favor of biophilic design.

Adding plants to your store is like giving people a free pass to natural remedies. It’s also an easy way to uplift your staff. Customers served by happy salespeople, waiters, and security guards have a better shopping experience and are more likely to return.

Climate Change Awareness

People are now going eco-friendly from their cosmetics to their dining experience. Your biophilic design sends a message that you’re part of this campaign.

Tapping into this passionate demographic is both promising and challenging. If you want to use this as your competitive edge, you’ll need to make changes. That means switching to green practices and a possible change in suppliers.

The upside is the level of engagement you’ll get from customers.

People who commit to lifestyle changes to fight climate change make good patrons. They are also likely to tell others about your store. Most importantly, you’ll be adding to a good cause.

Green is the color of the future. The positive impact that nature brings to commercial properties is a testament to it. When you decide to use it either for a compelling aesthetic or a good cause, know that you’re making a good business decision for your sales and the well-being of your customers.

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