The Business Orientation of the Oral Health Industry

Oral health is a preliminary indicator of good health status, a marker for other underlying health problems, and good oral hygiene. Even with our practices, at some stage in our lives, we will require professional oral health care. We may or may not have realized this immediately, but just like with everything being marketed nowadays, oral health care services are no exception.

From television advertisements, popular shows, and just by the mere appearance of your favorite celebrities, the oral health industry is a business of its own. When we see A-listers on the red carpet and influencers racking up thousands and even millions with their megawatt smiles, behind that is a trusted and competent individual or team of oral health care practitioners that help them achieve it.

The dental practice is a business

To quote the dental business visionary Dr. Roger Levin, anyone with a dental practice owns a business. Do dentists have business degrees? Not necessarily. But is their enterprise lucrative regardless? With the right management and strategies, yes, it is.

Like most businesses, the secret to success is quality service, making the right calls, and good customer or client treatment. In dentistry, it translates to effective and efficient dental practice, exemplary patient care, and clinical management skills.

Dentistry is an offer of services that concern teeth and oral health. Dental clinics can treat walk-in patients, have dentists for emergencies, and also have high-profile clients. The best way to gather more patients and a loyal clientele is through shining referrals. Word of mouth goes a long way in the dental business. It can also be in the form of raving online reviews, which makes an online presence important.

Building a presence in the online market and following the latest trends

Many online platforms are effective and suitable for dental marketing. The best practice is to tailor social media accounts or have a personalized website that has content aligning with the dental clinic or company’s branding and specifically targeted for their potential clientele.

Many clinics are now encouraging their clients to leave reviews on their social media pages and websites or talk about their experiences to boost their presence online.

An increasing practice also done by dental industries is through venturing in telehealth, text message marketing, and influencer marketing. Telehealth allows dentists and other medical professionals in the dental and oral health field to communicate with patients. They provide consultations and dental care advice, especially during the pandemic where people could not visit dental clinics due to different circumstances.

Influencer marketing is essential in penetrating a target audience with an influencer who already has traction with that specific niche. Text message marketing efficiently gets immediate responses from clients, especially for scheduled appointments, since they are more likely to open their SMS applications than their emails. Any updates are best communicated through fast texts.

Every year, researchers, scientists, and innovators release new technologies that make the operations of various industries smoother. Dentistry applications, laser technology, investment in natural dental products, emotional dentistry, and 3D printing are among the trends and technologies foreseen to gain momentum in terms of usage in dental practices.

Making the dental visit a better experience for patients

Virtually all people are potential dental clients since, at some point in their lives, they would require such services and treatments. According to the American Dental Association, only 52.3% of adults and 64.6% of children visit their dentists every six months. Many factors contribute to these numbers, including reducing the amount of spending on dental costs and the very real fear of dentists. To alleviate patient fears, dentists and practitioners are making a good effort to create a better patient experience.

As the dental industry becomes more competitive, it has become a strategy to offer unique and special services to distinguish themselves from competitors. Some examples are dental clinics improving experience beginning in the waiting area. It is common to put televisions and speakers in the lounge to entertain patients and their companions. Some clinics have also offered what is considered a luxurious service such as spas, massages, and concierge services.

An expansion of offerings beyond dental services is something that dental clinics are currently adapting.

The growing competitiveness of the dental health industry is ongoing. It’s up to these companies to further improve, adjust with the times, and build a brand that resonates with and attracts the public.

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