Notable Traits of a Successful Salesperson

A top-notch salesperson is not born. They are made. While you came into this world and immediately had your parents and relatives sold on your cuteness, that does not mean you’re a natural candidate for a successful career in sales. For that to happen, you need to hone whatever natural talents passed onto you by your parents. And those that did not manifest in your DNA, you have to learn.

If you are considering becoming a salesperson in earnest, there are traits you need to ace. They will set you apart from the competition. They will ensure that your chosen profession will be rewarding. Here are some of them.


They say you don’t sell the steak, you sell the sizzle. What that means is you have to be creative. For example, if you’re an insurance agent, you need to have your insurance marketing game on-point. What’s in it for your potential clients? After all, insurance products are essentially the same.

Here you need to exhaust all possible means to make you and your product stand out. That is without overpromising. Keep in mind that misleading your clients is not a sustainable business model. You need repeat business and referrals. Those won’t happen if you fail to deliver your end of the bargain.


You need to be knowledgeable about whatever you are selling. Again, for instance, if you’re in the insurance niche, you need to be familiar with the details of your products, like the back of your hand. And you must be ready to communicate this knowledge to prospective clients.

For clients, it’s a red flag if they ask a salesperson a question they can’t answer. That means you did not take the time to learn your product. You come off disinterested. And if you have no interest in what you’re selling, why should other people be?

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If you have unrivaled communication skills, you’re pretty much set for a rewarding career in sales. Now, if you pair that with a friendliness that does not appear forced or feigned, you’ll be unstoppable.

Think of your prospective clients as pals, not just business partners. You should feel a certain affinity with them that you wouldn’t mind taking them to your favorite watering hole and buy them beer. People respond to friendliness positively. That is if it’s the kind that’s unquestionably sincere. Your clients should not feel like they are just a means to end for you. They should feel like you’re on their side.


Technology will make your job easier. For example, you can use task management software to ensure that you do not neglect your to-dos. Consider Trello. It has a user-friendly interface and allows for collaboration. That’s quite practical if you have a small team working for you.

You can also rely on technology for marketing your products and services. Think social media. You can build a robust online presence using free platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You will get to tap a wider audience. Plus, you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts using these platforms’ analytics tools.


You need to be a proactive salesperson. You have to preempt challenges and adjust your business strategies accordingly. You also need to recognize growth opportunities before they become known to your colleagues and competitors.

This is where being analytic comes in. Your business decisions should be informed by facts. You need to make it a habit to stay informed about what’s going on in the world. Those things will have a direct and indirect impact on your trade. For instance, if experts suspect a recession brewing, how can you buff up your sales management system to ensure you get to ride it through?

Once you decide to become a salesperson, you must expertly pinpoint the product you want to peddle. It should be something you are passionate about. And something you have faith in. There are many ways to go about your journey as a salesperson. You can get into real estate. Or you can sell bank products. Whichever route you take, the key is making sure you can take pride in it.

If your heart is in it, the rest will follow. You will wake up every day inspired to do the job you chose. You will be willing to explore the ins and outs of the business you pursue. You won’t mind going out of your way to deliver what your clients need. And the minute you deliver what’s expected of you and more, you’re all set for greatness.

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