Building a Foundation of Trust with Your Employees

There is no such thing as a perfect employee, but your company can nurture a long-lasting and meaningful relationship with them if they play their cards right. Some motivational factors that make people stay in an organization are money and professional growth, but there you also have the more subjective fare like the attitude of the people or how amiable the boss is. This applies to any company, whether it dabbles in construction or provides accountancy services.

Just like in a relationship of two people, the bond between an employer and employee is forged by having a strong foundation of trust. This trait should be part of every company’s book of ethics.

Trust is Respect

What does it mean when you say that you trust a person? It is having faith in their values and ethical sensibilities. If your role in the company has something to do with leading or managing a group of people, this could mean having a transparent relationship with your subordinates. You should not have any apprehensions whenever you are asking to do a task because everyone fully understands the purpose behind it.

It is common to remind people of rules and regulations when there has been a history of those being violated. This should be done in a frequency that does not suggest doubt or suspicion to your employees. For example, if you have an annual or quarterly refresher about that across the board, you do not have to bring that up when there have been no recent violations. You should show respect by acknowledging that everyone is mature enough to follow company policies. It would be fine to talk about it when a rule is broken, but the messaging should be targeted at the incident and not at any person.

Believe in One’s Capabilities

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People have their differences, but when it comes to work, everyone should aim for the common goal of making the organization successful. Leaders should trust that their employees are capable of achieving their goals. If coaching is needed, it should be delivered in such a way that the person will come out of it motivated to do better. Focusing on the negative stuff instead of those that could be improved and acted upon could make the employee feel useless and unimportant. So even when people stumble with their work, they should still be treated with utmost courtesy.

Trust Makes the Relationship Stronger

How does trust make a professional relationship stronger? It makes the other person feel valued and important. This will instill a sense of purpose in them, and they would want to uphold that by doing their best when they are at work. Many people understand that trust is not that easy to earn, so they will make sure that it will not be broken by some sorry error. As time goes by and as more projects or tasks come, the bond becomes tighter because you will always expect that things will be delivered or accomplished in a timely manner.

If you want to give an employee the best form of compliment, make them feel that they are trusted. It is one thing to have them handle all their supposed tasks just because they are told to, and it is another thing for them to know and understand the importance of their roles. Trust is a great way to show people that all their hard work is recognized.

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